First day seminar in Schramm, when you like your job and it satisfies you it doesn’t matter to work on Sunday and it doesn’t matter to adapt yourself to the German habits of not eating at noon and to colaborate with a group of German colleges pasionated in our common job.

Very few times we’ll find people so much dedicated to their company and that count on you to be part of world wide group to offer Mattresses and beds of such a high level to those who value and appreciate the good Sleeeping around the world.

We are distributers of this brand last 18 years, since 12 years we have seen them growing and growing, the big world crisis has not been an impediment to expand year after year.

The recurring visits to this “resting temple” are to learn more and exchange ideas and compare behaviours with colleges distributers of this prestigous brand.

Those that one day purchase one Schramm bed will understand what are we talking about.